The Alsyglion Group is an intergalactic and higher dimensional space command comprised of ET Masters, also known as Universals, who originally came from a physical galaxy named Alsyglion.  While the galaxy was physical, the lives of the ET Masters were lived on etheric and higher dimensions. This means they could have had lives on planets we would consider uninhabitable, such as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in our solar system, where vibrant higher etheric advanced civilizations have flourished for millions of years.
Currently, 12 members of the Alsyglion Group, reside on a high frequency Arcvanna spaceship larger then the planet Jupiter. The Galactic aspect of my wife and I are part of this group. The Arcvanna (which is not visible in the physical 3D realms), is located on the outer edge of our solar system and way beyond the heliosphere of our Sun. There are other Alsyglion Group Ascended ET Master members in different galaxies and in a few other solar systems in this galaxy. We are all connected and they work with the Christ Group and the Intergalactic Mission as we do.

The Alsyglion galaxy physically disappeared into a vortex or dimensional void millions of years ago. The void is visible on higher frequencies as an immense starlike projection the dimensional ETs call the Great Central Sun.   The Alsyglion Galaxy transformed and is still visible to the Ascended ET Masters on the 10th and higher frequencies.

The Alsyglion Group has been a part of The Christ Group, and The Intergalactic Mission since their inception countless millions of years ago. They operate under the sacred directions of Sananda, who was known as Yeshua (Jesus) on planet Earth.


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